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Todd and his team did an outstanding job on the sash window repair work, initially removing windows to determine the scope of work required. Some windows were unfortunately beyond repair in this circa 1880's building, so custom windows were ordered.

These arrived within the expected timeframe and the following week the team were back for installation, including new sash cords and hardware to all windows.

The guys were all very respectful, extremely tidy, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Another window repair is planned for next year and we will definitely ask The Sash Window Company to do those works also.

Exceptional workmanship and sharp pricing.

Just like to add, we are based in Tauranga, this company is based in Auckland. While being a little dubious this could work, I explained (pleaded??) there was no one local who could do this job. It was really important to be historically sensitive and get the right people. Todd didn't take too much convincing before he agreed to come and take a look, so a second thanks for the huge effort doing an out of town is very much appreciated.

Angela Speer

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